Little Ninja’s 4-6 yr old

Monday & Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
ONLY $60/month (tax incl)


The Little Ninja’s class is for children aged between 4 – 6 years old. The classes are designed to give an introduction to the very basic fundamental techniques of Martial Arts and include standing techniques and some groundwork. At this age the children are now becoming more confident of their own abilities and have developed some skills. We can now work with them to further increase their existing abilities by building their core skills and helping them to take them to the next level in a similar way that they do in Reception Year and First Year of school by continuing to build on the social and life skills that students have already learnt and introduce more advanced Martial Arts skills to develop their physical ability.

The emphasis is less on having 100% technically correct movements, but rather on getting the techniques generally right and having fun learning it. At this age children are still developing physical co-ordination and spatial awareness so fine-tuning is impractical.

The children in these classes do not do any sparring with each other, but occasionally do get to practice with the instructors.